Abandoned by Men Embraced by Nature (website) (visual map)

Sep 28 2014

A red and beautiful abandoned 3 story building featuring arcane architecture of an old world fleeing the modern day. Source.

Sep 28 2014

An abandoned and heavily vandalized school in Ronse, Belgium. Source.

Sep 27 2014

Looking for an abandoned establishment in Northern Penn

Hey everybody, a follower modifiedwolf is looking for a place that is abandoned to restore in Northern Pennsylvania. Preferably in Columbia, Montour, or Lycoming county. If you have any suggestions please drop us or them a line and let us know. 

Do you know of any abandoned places in the Northern Pennsylvania area?

Sep 25 2014

The abandoned ruins of the Great Synagogue of Constanta. Source.

Sep 24 2014

The ruins of Dunluce Castle in Ireland. This ruin is thought to be the inspiration for the C. S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia Cair Paravel. Source.

Sep 23 2014

Abandoned Sauna J in Belgium. Source.

Sep 22 2014

Work on the Zik Centre began in 1991 but the project was abandoned shortly after and never re-funded. Initially a monument to the first President of Nigeria, Nnamdi Azikiwe, in his birthplace of Zungeru, it has now become a different sort of reminder for the father of Nigerian Nationalism .http://www.abandonedplaygrounds.com/ruins-of-the-abandoned-zik-centre-in-zungeru/